Neighborhoods that are more than great. They’re smart.

At Smart Growth Living, our team of real estate agents, mortgage lenders and settlement agents know the value of living smart.

We understand the exponential benefits of choosing a community that’s been mindfully designed to promote local needs and sustainability. One that offers a wide range of housing and transportation options, right near schools, jobs, restaurants and wide-open parks.

These high-density, mixed-used urban villages are the heart of an on-trend lifestyle called Smart Growth living. And it’s our speciality.

Why choose a Smart Growth community?

  • Affordable urban living
  • Charming, convenient location
  • Healthier air (ride share! bike share! public transportation!)
  • Reduced crime rates (go Neighborhood Watch)
  • A warm, friendly community feeling that fosters a healthier, more active lifestyle
Smart Growth communities are small in footprint and packed with dining establishments, entertainment, shopping, culture, green building and more. Consider Denver CO — Capturing vibrant Highlands, Jefferson Park, Sloan’s Lake (Sloan Lake), trendy Capitol Hill and hip Cherry Creek. The list goes on.

It’s time to discover if buying, renting or selling in a Denver Metro Smart Growth community is right for you. We’re here to help.

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